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Hannah Maye Garcia de Loyola. 20-ish. Philippines.
these are my thoughts, stories, rants and everything in between.
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Day 45: sister’s pasalubong from Palawan! :) This was given a few days/weeks ago but I just had to post them coz I can’t help but laugh at her notes.. Haha

Day 43: back to work and aside from today’s training, we also had too much to eat! Two flavors of ice cream, some chips, revel bars from Ormoc and Napoleones from Bacolod —yep, ate all of them just for today. 😂

Day 42: stayed in my hometown for the past few days and i’m just so happy that I was able to read books once again! This was on the list. :) i’ve always loved watching this movie and when I found out that it was based on a true story, I just had to read it. Highlighted some sentences that I found inspiring and moving.. :)

Day 41: my prize for winning the bet!! Hahaha. Aahhhh Chris Evans….. Why are you so hot? ❤❤️❤️ YUMMY! Haha

Day 40: Dessert Factory’s Brownie Experience for dessert!!! :) heard mass, had dinner and a loooong talk with my Mommy for the day, Juliana Faye Pata. Thank you yan!!!! You know why.. :-*

Day 39 (for April 11,2014):

That day marked the last day of the school year 2013-2014; it was our Moving Up Day Program! had mixed feelings the whole day but in a way, I’m glad that we managed to get through it. :)
It was one hell of a year and i’m blessed that I was able to work together with all these fabulous ladies! :) They are not just my co-workers, they have become very special to me. 

Chasing waterfalls with these ladies! :)
It was quite a workout since we climbed a total of 4 waterfalls that day but look at those smiles; the views were priceless!! Mother Nature surprised me once again..  

Well said my friend so I just had to post it. ;)

Day 38: my de-stressors for today! Spent the whole afternoon setting up the stage for tomorrow’s program that I was too tired to even stand up.. So I had some mani-pedi session to calm me down.. My nails are so ready for summer! :)
The gummy bears are keeping me company as of the moment while I finish some work-related stuff.

Day 37: it’s a holiday and my sister and I went thrift shopping!! So happy with the dress that I bought for this Friday’s event.. :) plus corn on the cob with Coffee Crumble Zagu as snacks. Free day spent well! ;)