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Hannah Maye Garcia de Loyola. 20-ish. Philippines.
these are my thoughts, stories, rants and everything in between.
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Day 41: my prize for winning the bet!! Hahaha. Aahhhh Chris Evans….. Why are you so hot? ❤❤️❤️ YUMMY! Haha

Day 40: Dessert Factory’s Brownie Experience for dessert!!! :) heard mass, had dinner and a loooong talk with my Mommy for the day, Juliana Faye Pata. Thank you yan!!!! You know why.. :-*

Day 39 (for April 11,2014):

That day marked the last day of the school year 2013-2014; it was our Moving Up Day Program! had mixed feelings the whole day but in a way, I’m glad that we managed to get through it. :)
It was one hell of a year and i’m blessed that I was able to work together with all these fabulous ladies! :) They are not just my co-workers, they have become very special to me. 

Chasing waterfalls with these ladies! :)
It was quite a workout since we climbed a total of 4 waterfalls that day but look at those smiles; the views were priceless!! Mother Nature surprised me once again..  

Well said my friend so I just had to post it. ;)

Day 38: my de-stressors for today! Spent the whole afternoon setting up the stage for tomorrow’s program that I was too tired to even stand up.. So I had some mani-pedi session to calm me down.. My nails are so ready for summer! :)
The gummy bears are keeping me company as of the moment while I finish some work-related stuff.

Day 37: it’s a holiday and my sister and I went thrift shopping!! So happy with the dress that I bought for this Friday’s event.. :) plus corn on the cob with Coffee Crumble Zagu as snacks. Free day spent well! ;)

early morning stroll in a local historical site. 🚶 #Samboan

Day 36: tonight’s dessert: Chicharon all the way from Carcar!! :) And today, I was able to finally swim in the swimming pool near the workplace, for FREE. #perks